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  • What’s the Big Deal About a Fatty Liver?

    I recently saw a patient in my clinic who had just gotten her liver ultrasound result and was found to have fatty liver. She wanted to know the implications of that, and whether she was going to get cirrhosis and liver cancer. In my medical career, I have seen countless numbers of patients with “fatty […]
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  • Five Ways to Detox Naturally

    Are colonics the way to go when it comes to detoxing the body of toxins? The answer is plain and simple – no. The natural function of our intestinal tract is to cleanse itself. There is no physiological need to further clean above and beyond what it naturally does as its inherent function. Some people […]
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  • Using Food as Medicine and Our Ally

    Even as a child, I remember my family doctor telling my parents about how they should eat to make sure they don’t end up with heart disease, high blood pressure or strokes. My parents are significantly older now, in their 70s, but they still pay attention to their diet because they’ve heard all along that […]
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  • Ask Dr. Julie Chen,MD: Knowing When to Say No to Alcohol

    The Secret to a Lifetime of Love and Health! One of my patients recently asked me about alcohol intake and how much is safe for women. She has a history of breast cancer and an autoimmune disease. She has chronic pain as well because of her autoimmune disease. Based on her history, we had a […]
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  • Stress Reduction: Key to Our Overall Wellbeing

    Stress is something we all deal with on a daily basis to some varying degree. Some of us deal with a significantly higher level from hour to hour than most. What’s unfortunate about that is that the source of the stress may be out of our control but its negative impact on our body, we […]
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  • Revving Up Our Metabolism This Winter

    With all the “dashing through the snow” this winter season, why is it that we are all still concerned about gaining weight? With all of the sweets around every corner of our work environment, it’s no wonder that we are all concerned about at least maintaining our weight and not gaining weight. So, how can […]
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  • All My Articles and More…

    Hi Everyone, Thank you all for following my blog. I have had a lot more articles and interviews posted recently on my website…check them out at ! Keep tuning in for more articles every month on new health topics that you’ll definitely want to learn more about! Just remember…living healthy doesn’t have to be […]
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  • Star Supplements in the Nutraceuticals Aisle

    My patient population sees me because they believe in natural options for disease prevention and treatment. However, not everyone believes in supplements and with the confusing study reports out these days about how some supplements are harmful, not everyone is comfortable taking them. I would like to take this opportunity to clarify some issues with […]
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  • Winning the Battle Against Diabetes!

    Diabetes is a scary disease and most of us want to avoid it…but for those with a strong family history of this disease, the desire to avoid this debilitating disease is much stronger. What is hopefully a beacon of light at the end of this scary tunnel is that diabetes can be avoided or at […]
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