Medical Philosophy


  • Disease manifestation is a reflection of many years of underlying chronic inflammation and stress. It is possible to optimize your baseline health status and to promote your body’s natural tendency towards healing by decreasing this underlying chronic inflammation and stress.
  • Optimal disease prevention requires treatment that targets lifestyle and nutritional modifications, supplements, herbal therapies, mind-body medicine, and acupuncture. There is an integrative treatment regimen for every person that can help to slow or reverse the decline of health.
  • All patients should utilize ALL the health care tools available in modern and traditional modalities of healing so as to achieve optimal health status. By using conventional AND complementary medicine, your health and well-being can become a positive reflection of the wisdom of all the healing and medical modalities available to people today.
  • Patients are the most important people in the health care team! Therefore, patient education is one of my top priorities in leading patients to a healthy life. I believe that it is more important to teach patients the skills for achieving life-long wellness, rather than just giving patients a quick temporary fix.
  • A lack of communication between conventional doctors and complementary practitioners can be detrimental to a patient’s health care management plan. My goal is to facilitate communication amongst all the members of a patient’s health care team to maximize health benefits and minimize complications.