About The Company

Making Healthy EZ’s Company Mission and Philosophy

The idea behind Making Healthy EZ, as a company, was derived from my experiences with my patients. Many of my patients initially believed that living healthy would be difficult within the realm of their busy life. I wanted to create a company that would show my patients, and all of you out there, that living healthy doesn’t have to be hard.

I believe that living a healthy life can be easier than most of us believe. So, I set out to create a company where its products and educational material, through interviews and publications, can help to promote this idea that living healthy does not have to be difficult.

When I first started my medical clinic, I chose to accept almost all insurance types as well as a diverse patient population consisting of almost any conceivable medical condition. This is because I believe that EVERYONE should have access to the medical guidance necessary for living a lifestyle focused on wellness and optimizing the natural healing capacity of our body.

Because our body is a resilient miraculous self-healing machine, it frequently does very well simply by ‘tuning it up’ from time to time with its necessary foundational building blocks of minerals, vitamins, and nutrients…these ingredients allow our body to run at its optimal condition to allow it to heal and re-balance itself. Therefore…

The mission and philosophy behind this company is to provide all of you out there, without discrimination, the kind of health care, products, educational information, and guidance that anybody could or might need to live a healthy life as easily and effortlessly as you would want it to be. The goal of this company is to make living healthy EZ!

I always remind my patients…which starting now, could be you as you follow along with this company…that health is the most important gift we can give to ourselves and to our loved ones.

In fact, it takes far less time to live healthy than it does to live and deal with an illness.

For those of you who have been ill or have loved ones who have dealt with illness, you know that the disruption to daily life when managing chronic illness can be tremendous.

So, it makes sense for us to place the same kind of emphasis, if not, more emphasis, on preventing disease and maintaining health, as we do on treating illness once it has occurred.

Health is a gift. We should cherish it while we still have it. And if you are already dealing with an illness, there is always time to maximize the health you do have and to plateau out the downhill slope of the natural progression of disease.

So…my goal for you and all of my patients are to live a healthier life. My goal for my company, then, is to make that process easier for you by providing you with the products and educational materials you’ll need to make living healthy…EZ!

-Best Wishes for You and Your Loved Ones, Dr. Julie