Sex Health 101


By the time you get to college, most of you have had plenty of talks about sex health between your parents, teachers, school, and doctors. But, because this is such an important topic and could affect the rest of your life, it warrants a section on my website under “College Health.”

You can check out some of my radio and TV interviews on sex health topics and you can read about it on my blog site at, but I’ve also attached a couple website links that may be helpful in getting all your questions answered.

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Sexual health tips

It’s essential to always use a barrier method for protection to protect yourself against sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). The barrier method I would recommend is the condom for as much protection as we currently have.
– But, even with the condom, herpes and genital warts still can be transmitted since there are still some areas exposed to contact during sex.

Birth control pills lose some of their effectiveness with antibiotics and some other medications or supplements. Please check with your doctor if you are on other medications and supplements to make sure you are getting the full effectiveness of your birth control pill.

Smokers and those with prior clotting disorders are at increased risk for blood clots if you are on birth control pills or hormone injections/therapies. So, please discuss this with your doctor when you are deciding on contraception.

You should be getting checked for STDs with every new partner and even if you are with the same partner, I would still recommend getting checked at least once a year to make sure you are staying healthy and safe.

Never be pressured or talked into having sex if you don’t want to. It is your right to say No!>

Please do not go off alone with new dates if you are not sure of your safety. I usually recommend to my patients that new encounters and new dates should be in safe environments until you are certain of your safety.

It may be a good idea to always let a few friends or family members know who you are going out with and where you are going so that you stay safe.

Alcohol can alter your ability to make safe smart choices and can negatively affect your sexual experience. Limit your alcohol intake to just a glass if you are over the legal age for drinking (of course, stay away from alcohol if you are under the legal age).>

If you are on any medications for any psychiatric conditions, any alcohol at all may alter your ability to make safe decisions. Refrain from alcohol if you are on any psychiatric medications.

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