College Vaccination Requirements

College Vaccination Requirements

vaccinationEvery state and college has its own requirements for vaccinations.

So, the best way to find out what vaccinations you may need for your own health safety is to ask your college for their requirements.

When you are at college, the sheer number of people you are exposed on any given college campus, puts you at risk for potential infections. So, making sure you are appropriately vaccinated is important to keep you healthy during your college years of learning and fun!

I’ve attached a link here to help you get more generalized information about vaccinations if you still have questions:

Here are a few examples of state websites that list what various states require for college students for vaccinations:,_Prevention,_Preparedness/Immunizations/Vaccines_for_School/index.html

Before you head off to college, swing by your family doctor’s office for one more physical, set of health screening lab tests, and any remaining vaccinations you may need. This way, you’ll make sure that you’ve got a clean bill of health as you make your way out to enjoy your college years away from home!